More Daiya adventures

Because we know people (hey!) we got to sample Daiya in yummy pizza form and also got some of each flavor of shreds to take home. I did a couple of bullshit things with them last week because I’d already done the weekly shopping. But this week I could plan for it.

What’s an easy thing to do with melty vegan cheese? Quesadillas! Kevin fried up the chorizo with onions, I made a quick salsa and corn & pepper salad. Sometimes the best food comes from improvisation.

stretchy daiya
stretchy daiya

What else do you do with yummy vegan cheese? Lasagna! This is the spinach lasagna from Yellow Rose Recipes. I made a half batch so we wouldn’t be swimming in it. Worked really well and the leftovers reheated nicely in the oven.

Okay, so I know you’re intrigued. So where can you get this magical Daiya cheesy stuff? Oh look! Cosmo’s has it in stock. Seriously, get on that. Heck, Teese is on sale this weekend, so get some of each.

This post brought to you by the letter Manhattan. I blame it on all typos and general weirdness. My tongue is kinda numb.

Yet another pizza

Trader Joe’s just makes it too easy what with their $1.19 balls of pizza dough and all. Spread it out. slap some stuff on it, bake it, eat it. This time we used the crust as a delivery system for their Chickenless Pulled Chicken. We’d never had it and wanted to give it a try. It comes in a BBQ sauce, but it could use a little jazzing up. You know, a little something to make it pop. The texture is nice though and it’s already in reasonably small pieces so you don’t have to mess with it unless you want to. It’s topped off with mozzarella Teese and a sprinkling of red bell pepper.

I’m a copycat

Because I have no original thoughts, I totally copied Leigh’s meatball subs. When she posted about them a couple of weeks ago I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to make them. Last night was the night. A couple of soft rolls, Italian Sausage Match Meat, Teese, and a jar of Trader Joe’s marinara. Pretty lazy food, but really tasty! I was surprised that the marinara needed no doctoring.

I defrosted the Match Meat and formed it into balls, Then I baked them on a cookie sheet for about 20 minutes at around 400 degrees F. Around halfway through they should be turned. It was more like 3/4 of the way through for me because I wasn’t paying attention. Then, I tossed the marinara into a sauce pan and simmered the balls in the sauce until everything was good and warm. The rolls were split, Teese slices placed along both sides and then it we broiled until the Teese melted. Slapped on some balls & sauce, then ate it up. Yum! 

Teese Cheese Rocks

Why I think Teese is the best vegan cheese out there:

1) It tastes the best

2) It melts the best. See?

3) It keeps longer in the refrigerator without turning all pink. We know who I’m talking about here. And it freezes well.

4) It cleans up easier. I just discovered this one. You know how other vegan cheeses turn into glue if you don’t clean them up immediately? My tired, lazy ass left a teese covered knife sit out overnight. I thought for sure I’d be scraping on that for a while, but after a short soak, the stuck on bits slid right off. Cool!

Just to be fair, I’ll give the only minus I can really come up with. Okay, I’m sort of a freak about getting stuff on my hands, especially anything oily or greasy. Well, Teese feels REALLY nasty on my hands. And you’d think if it felt that greasy and gross that it would taste that way too. But no! It’s not heavy or greasy tasting at all! Wow, I somehow turned that downside into another plus. You’d think they were paying me to write this. They’re not, I swear!