Raw pizza

These pre-packaged raw items by Raw in the Garden have recently shown up in Sevananda‘s island cooler. So I picked one up to try for lunch.

With a pre-packaged item, I was worried it would taste fresh, but it was fine. I think the zucchini might have been marinated which was nice, gave them more flavor. It didn’t have a crisp crust, but the flavors of everything were definitely pizza like. With the nut-based crust and cashew cream it was also pretty filling. This could be pulled off without a dehydrator. I might try this at home.

Kale salad and bell pepper cheese

Oh, hey, look it’s that garlicky kale salad that I make all the time. This time it’s the center of the meal with added veggies and some avocado to make it more filling.

The little bowl contains Yellow Bell Pepper Pine Cheese from Thrive Foods. We scooped it up with raw pumpkin chips. Crazy good! And this turned out to be plenty of food.

Raw spring rolls and cream of cucumber soup

We’ve been trying to eat a few raw meals a week lately. Both of us feel way better when we do that. I really like Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People for simple dishes of mostly easy to find ingredients. And you don’t need a dehydrator.

This is the cucumber soup and spring rolls with mock peanut sauce. The soup has avocado in it so this turned out to be more filling than it looks.

A little break

VeganMofo always burns me out on posting. Afterwards it’s a relief to eat without having to take pictures of it. Emblogination will resume shortly though. Sunday we got back from 6 days in NYC. So much to write about. There was gluttony. And lots of walking. The latter definitely did not cancel out the former. Urg.

So this week, I’m trying to detox. I’m having smoothies for breakfast. Lunch Monday was a package of R. Thomas wrap slices. Monday night I made raw pecan paté that I’ve been eating on red bell pepper wedges. We also had a spinach salad for dinner with that and baked tofu. Lunch Tuesday was leftover salad and red pepper paté wedges. And a pear. And some peanut butter crackers (hey, how’d those get in there?) Then last night I had butternut squash, corn and leftover tofu over rice noodles with Bragg’s, gomashio and flax oil. You’ll notice there are no cupcakes, donuts, ice cream, etc. in there. I might die. Although I will admit that Monday I ate a couple of tiny dick pops I found in my purse from the bachelorette party. Mmmm….tiny chocolate dicks.


Dinner and a show, eh

Sunday night we went to see Thievery Corporation with some friends. Beforehand, we grabbed dinner at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill. R. Thomas is one of those places where just about everyone can be satisfied. They have some meaty stuff, vegetarian, vegan, raw. They usually have a vegan desert too. While I do feel kind of bad for the birdies in cages outside, it’s a good place to go with mixed company.

They have several bowls that can be vegan. I got the Lucky Green Tea Bowl. Except they were out of bowls, so it’s on a platter. Doesn’t matter, it ate up fine. Tofu and veg stir fry in a miso green tea sauce on top of quinoa with pickled cabbage (I think) and a pile of greens. Half satisfied me and I ate the other half for lunch the next day.

Beth was sitting across from me and got one of the raw dinners, #2 I think. I enjoy getting them from time to time.

Thievery Corporation was really good. Ton of people on stage. At least 5 vocalists. Three encores. You can kind of see in the picture how packed the stage was with stuff. One of the last songs of the night they had a bunch of girls from the audience come up and dance on stage. There was one that looked kind of like Kate Gosselin and was doing the most awkward booty dance I’ve ever seen. She was also apparently dry-humping the sitar player. I’m sorry I missed that. Or not.

View from the old folks seats in the top balcony
View from the old folks seats in the top balcony