Lunch at Calabash

Boy do I have a pile of pictures to post. It’s been almost a week since we had lunch at Calabash Vegetarian Kitchen, 233 Mitchell St. SW, Atlanta, GA 30303. As usual, I get so excited about eating that I forget to take a picture until I’ve already chewed on it.calabash lunch rundown and mac and cheeseThe mac & cheese was made with a whole wheat pasta. The sauce was creamy but thinner than Soul Veg’s sauce. It seemed like it was probably healthier too. Just don’t expect it to be that creamy, decadent kind. The thing on the right is a rundown. Potatoes, callaloo (wow, I didn’t know those were leaves on an amaranth plant) and I can’t remember what else was in it in a light coconut curry sauce. Excellent. We also got some fried plantains. calabash cabbage dishAnd here is a cabbage dish. It tasted similar to Ethiopian Alicha. Yum.calabash rice and peas bbq tofu beetsAnd Kevin had BBQ tofu, rice & peas and a beet & potato stew. The tofu was just a little bit chewy but still very good, so were the other items. I’m looking forward to trying some more dishes. Maybe next time the collards will be ready.   

Atlanta Snow 2008, Part 2

snow on a log in my backyard

Sometimes the sequel IS better than the original. I think that’s going to be the case with our second snow incident this year in Atlanta. It’s been cranking for about an hour and a half or so and doesn’t seem to be stopping. I’d love it if it were to snow enough to actually cover the grass. I’ve yet to see that since I’ve lived here. It did apparently snow pretty good one year, but I think I was in Copenhagen looking at bigger and better snow. Tak doesn’t seem all that excited about it, but at least she’ll go out in it unlike rain.

Deep in the night…

When you find out Günther & the Sunshine Girls are playing your town, wait “playing”, how can you not go? And if it wasn’t for Kevin’s obsession with Günther (you can thank me later) I probably would have never found out about the show. Thank you soooo much for that. No really!

So it was pretty much what we expected in terms of performance. Günter moving from catalog pose to catalog pose while blonde chickies danced it up. All lip syncing of course. A little crowd chit chat in between. I think they were a little surprised that the crowd consisted largely of dudes. It was particularly amusing when they asked the crowd if there were any golddiggers out there and a bunch of dudes are shouting “YEAHHHH!!!” Someone else took a video of Pussycat that really captures the sausage fest aspect of the evening:

I got a partial video of the Christmas Song, but it’s not nearly as good since I wasn’t all up in the nest of dudes down front:

I’m sure a ton of videos will show up on the youtubes. There were plenty of people taking them.

Also part of the entertainment for the evening was a couple dry humping before and during the show. What made it even better was that the woman was wearing a spandex dress reminiscent of the best Contempo Casuals had to offer in 1988. It was essentially backless with a band around hold the top up at about bra level then material started again just above the ass crack. Or just below the ass crack which was the case much of the evening for this woman. Fabulous! Here’s a crackless view for you:

dry humping at günther & the sunshine girls

Anyway, I didn’t get very good pics, but the rest are here.

“and these are the people in your neighborhood…”

Pretty much daily I get an email from Scan DeKalb that lists people from my zip code that were admitted to DeKalb County Detention Center. (Shout out to 30316!) And bonus, it includes the mugshots. Every once in a while they’re pretty funny. Today I thought I’d share. The first one was from my email. The second I saw on the site and had to include. Sadly, that one isn’t a neighbor. Darn it!

dekalb mugshot 1

dekalb mugshot 2

Herbivore Magazine Release Party Tonight

Herbivore Magazine editor Josh Hooten will be in town tonight for an Herbivore Magazine Release Party at Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe. The fun starts at 6pm October 8th and I hear a rumor that there’ll be nummy vegan treats there. Also, a portion of sales all day will go to Good Mews so you can load up on goodies and help kitties. Yay!