New formula Teese

You’ve probably heard by now that the folks at Chicago Soy Dairy have reformulated their Teese vegan cheese. They were kind enough to send me a tube of the mozzarella style to try out. One of the best tests for a vegan cheese is pizza. So that’s what I did with it. And I pretty much dumped a whole tube of shredded Teese on this pizza.

So what’s on it besides Teese? It’s a cheeseburger pizza! So it’s ketchup and mustard all over the dough as the sauce, chopped up veggie burgers and pickles. And the dough is from Trader Joe’s.

The Teese does melt to a better consistency. It has the stretch thing going on and doesn’t totally liquefy like the old formula would. I’m sure it will work better for quesadillas than the old one. One complaint is that it seemed a little bland. I haven’t had the live for prime time version that is selling now so I’m not sure if that has been fixed. Still, it’s pretty awesome and I would never turn my nose up at a Teese pizza.

A gratuitous stretch shot: