Lula’s again

Thursday was somewhat less eventful. Wednesday was crazy, right? I don’t seem to have a pic of breakfast. It must have been a bagel. Oh, I know it was. Then we headed uptown to hang out with Kevin’s parents. Ended up having lunch at a terrible Mexican restaurant. Oh well. That’s what happens when you don’t want to walk around in the rain.

The rehearsal dinner was that night at Spring Street Natural. Although there was no rehearsal. It’s not a vegan restaurant, but has some vegan options. There were set choices for our dinner. I had the stuffed acorn squash. It was…okay. Cafe Sunflower’s is much better. I didn’t hear how people liked their stir fry so I’m not sure how that is. It was too dark in there so no pic.

What did we do afterward? Lula’s Sweet Apothecary, of course! This time I got a single scoop of peanut butter fudge with hot fudge on it. So fucking good!

Kevin is now in love with malts:

And we seriously packed the place out as they were about to close. Whoops! They were very good sports about it though.