Chilaquiles Verdes

Finally, I’ve made something out of the cute little cookzine Vegan de Guadalupe! The Chilaquiles Verdes recipe may look a little plain and simple, but it tastes homey and comforting. I was concerned about only seasoning the tofu with salt & pepper, but it was plenty tasty. Also, you can follow the recipe exactly, but you don’t really have to. It’s very forgiving. I used half the tortillas and only one can of salsa. I also added sliced avocado on top. Mmmmm. It cooks up really quickly and a little plop of refried black beans on the side make it sort of a complete meal. Some shredded lettuce on top might have been nice too, but I didn’t have any.

And I’m surprised at how well the pic turned out considering the display on my poor old camera decided not to work so I was shooting blind.