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October 2, 2011

This Potluck Had a Theme

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Over some silly conversation at a previous potluck we joked around about having a potluck with a theme that was a topic of conversation. I debated revealing the theme since there are going to be some folks dropping by for Vegan Mofo that aren’t expecting that sort of strangeness, but fuck it, Mofo or no this is my blog and if someone is offended they can just not come back, right? This is also the warning for the easily offended to stop reading, don’t click any links, and just look at the food pics and move on. Actually some of the pictures are pretty silly. Best just skip it.

Anyway, at this potluck, we got onto the topic of docking. Not the horrible practice of docking dogs’ tails. Not parking a boat. Something else entirely. What foods could we use to represent that? So this potluck represents the result. Some of the food strayed off topic a bit, but not too far.

So I made artichoke and hazelnut cannelloni with lemon soy bechamel sauce or docking stations.

My plate loaded with tasty bits: a docking station, fish taco, wiener in a blanket…

You can never have too much dessert, so we had three. Vegan Twinkies. Yes, we’re all 12-year-old boys.

I also made the chocolate strudel from Vegan Italiano.

Ice cream sandwiches!

Queenie was unimpressed with the theme, but loved all the extra attention she got.

Then we headed to the roof to check out the view of Atlanta. Look at my crappy picture. LOOK AT IT.





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