We hadn’t planned on renting a car in Seattle but since we got in at midnight it ended up making sense. Who am I kidding…we didn’t plan anything for Seattle except for seeing Portishead. But I didn’t even look at stuff to do that would involve driving. So while munching donuts and pastries Saturday morning, I started looking around for something we could do. Turns out Snoqualmie Falls is only 30 miles East of Seattle. And didn’t involve any work. Just cross the street and look at them. That was an easy sell.

Whoops. I guess she said no.


Pockets of mist, railroad trestle.

These are the falls that were used in Twin Peaks. I think all my pictures were too misty to really see the Inn to the left of the falls.


While we were out that way, I looked for something else for us to do. Twin Falls wasn’t much further down the road. While looking for it, we randomly drove the rental car up a mountain trail.

It was pretty sketchy. Despite the no shooting signs, we came upon some dudes sitting in a van with the door open shooting the shit out of a hillside. See, clearly, no shooting going on here.


We eventually found the trail head. The internets say the trail is 3 miles round trip but it felt more like five, at least to this flatlander. Of course, we were constantly embarrassed by people bringing small children down the trail as we were at times puffing our way up. Need more bike rides, less donuts.

Moss was growing on everything.


The trees were huge and the air so clean.


This was our reward for the hike.

I’ve got a few more pictures from Twin Falls here.