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November 6, 2011

Japanese Gardens

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After walking around Pike Place Market and looking at gum stuck to a wall, and checking out the giant REI, we managed to put off eating again a little while longer by heading over to the Japanese Gardens at Washington Park Arboretum. We must have visited near or at the Fall peak. Amazing.

You can see the rest here. I would send you to the set, but Flickr Uploader crashed 3 times during the upload and completely jacked up my sets.

November 4, 2011

Pike Place Market

Welp, time to be a tourist! We wandered through and around Pike Place Market. Oh, look, vegan cinnamon rolls as big as your head.

I think these had a maple glaze on them. It’s hard to keep Seattle’s hundreds of vegan cinnamon roll options straight. Oh yeah, they have fruits and vegetables there too. Yawn.

The vegans avoided the whole fish tossing business, but we did go in search of the gum wall.

And around the corner were these cute little buggers.

Uh oh, we walked for 10 minutes. We probably need to eat again…



November 1, 2011

Sidecar Pigs for Peace

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After we stuffed ourselves at Wayward, we waddled across the street to Sidecar Pigs for Peace. A completely vegan store that benefits a sanctuary? Gotta check that out!

We picked up a few things. I got a wallet with a monkey on it, a sweet potato on a rope dog snack for Tak (she’s destroyed it already), some mints, a Seriously Organic white chocolate bar, a t-shirt and a fake meat stick. I think that was all. Oh, a sticker and some buttons!

You know what they can get in Seattle? Daiya by the brick. Here’s Kevin posing with one wearing his sad face.

And here’s another tasty looking bit we don’t seem to have, a chorizo-style seitan tamale con molĂ©? Yes, please.



October 29, 2011

Post hike Mexican food at El Chupacabra

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After all that exertion, we were ready for some food. Kevin found a Mexican restaurant near the townhouse that had vegan options. Also, it was called El Chupacabra, so we HAD to go. They use Daiya cheese and Gardein meats but unlike a lot of places, they actually further flavor the Gardein with their own sauces.

I had the Gardein chicken enchiladas in a green sauce.

This was a huge plate of food. I could not finish it even after all the hiking. In addition to the cheeziness on top, there was plenty of melty Daiya inside with the Gardein. Happy tummy.

I’m not sure if Kevin got a burrito or chimachanga, but here it is.

And, they had an awesome jukebox.

We desperately need a Mexican restaurant here that has fake meats and Daiya. But I’d settle for just the Daiya. But for now we have to settle for creating our own deliciousness at potlucks.

October 27, 2011

Mighty Mighty O

Oh Hi case full of vegan doughnuts. Donuts. Whatever. We woke up too early the first day in Seattle. Well, some of us did. So Kevin and I headed out to pick up some Mighty O Donuts and coffee. And just as we were getting in the car Jared walked up to join us in the townhouse. So he piled on in for the journey.

So we got a dozen, plus a fritter. There’s pumpkin cream filled, regular cream filled, apple spice, chocolate raspberry, pumpkin, chocolate coconut, peanut butter chocolate and probably something else I’m forgetting.

See that chocolate coconut donut there? It’s called the “Don King.”

Sometimes you can’t wait the 15 minutes it’ll take to get back to the place. So I got an extra pumpkin cream filled donut. Honestly, I’m not a donut freak but since we don’t have vegan ones here I just had to eat a few.

And here’s a random Seattle observation: the must have accessory is a dog. All dogs wear clothes. That is all.


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