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A little break

VeganMofo always burns me out on posting. Afterwards it’s a relief to eat without having to take pictures of it. Emblogination will resume shortly though. Sunday we got back from 6 days in NYC. So much to write about. There was gluttony. And lots of walking. The latter definitely did not cancel out the former. Urg.

So this week, I’m trying to detox. I’m having smoothies for breakfast. Lunch Monday was a package of R. Thomas wrap slices. Monday night I made raw pecan paté that I’ve been eating on red bell pepper wedges. We also had a spinach salad for dinner with that and baked tofu. Lunch Tuesday was leftover salad and red pepper paté wedges. And a pear. And some peanut butter crackers (hey, how’d those get in there?) Then last night I had butternut squash, corn and leftover tofu over rice noodles with Bragg’s, gomashio and flax oil. You’ll notice there are no cupcakes, donuts, ice cream, etc. in there. I might die. Although I will admit that Monday I ate a couple of tiny dick pops I found in my purse from the bachelorette party. Mmmm….tiny chocolate dicks.


Mmmm…healthy crap

I think somewhere in a previous post I threatened to eat some raw kale. And I did too. A big ol’ pile of it with leftover tofu from this meal cubed on top. Some sliced carrots and slivered almonds thrown on just for fun. And a side of brussels sprouts because I love them.

Yes, this is an exceptionally lazy post. But hey, I haven’t missed a day yet!

Eating out, take away

So much eating out lately. Too much. It can be harder to make good choices when eating out. Especially when tempted by Soul Vegetarian’s mac and cheese. I’m not going to say that these are super healthy choices, but at least they include some good veg, even some raw, and healthy grains.

This is the small salad combo at Soul Vegetarian with carrot salad, eggless salad and beets on romaine with sprouts, cucumber and tomato. Oh, and their prince dressing. Sure can’t forget that. And a side of corn bread. The fun part about eating a bunch of beets is the surprise you’ll get after they, uh, work their way through.

R. Thomas is a local restaurant here in Atlanta. They aren’t even vegetarian, but have a decent number of veg*n options. They also have grab and go food you can pick up at a few different markets around town. This one was my lunch one day. A bean wrap, eggless wrap and quinoa salad wraps with a raw cabbage salad.

Salad Time

I really do love eating giant salads. I just don’t always feel like making them. So if I do feel like it, I go with it. This week has definitely been saladoriffic. Romaine is my favorite lettuce. It lasts pretty long in the fridge and stays nice and crispy. Carrots are always there. Red, orange or yellow bell pepper. After that, it’s really up to whim and what catches my eye at the market. This week I also had radishes, cucumber, summer squash, and cucumber. Then a sprinkling of almonds or walnuts. And this week I added protein, tofu or a fake chicken patty. All were tasty and satisfying. Maybe they make up for the parfait I ate and the chocolate chocolate chip coconut muffins I made. Probably not.

salad with marinated tofu

salad with marinated tofu

salad with fake chicken patty

salad with fake chicken patty

salad with grilled squash and tofu

salad with grilled squash and tofu

Lunch Salad

This is what my lunches have looked like lately. Big ol’ bowls of salad. I pre-chopped a bunch of veg earlier in the week which has made this much easier every morning. Someone else needs to do that for me every week. Here I’ve got curly green lettuce, carrot, cucumber, golden beet, yellow bell pepper and raw sunflower seeds.

Curried “Chicken” Salad

Good grief does this look healthy! Well, if you don’t look at all the Veganaise in it. But still! The warmer weather makes me want to eat lighter foods. Especially when I am still holding out on turning on the air conditioning. These cravings coincide nicely with my wanting to lose a few pounds. Apparently this Curried “Chicken” Salad recipe came out of Vegetarian Times. Although I have no idea where I found it. It was just hanging out in MacGourmet and appealed to me when I was making the shopping list. The leftover salad held up nicely. I can see it being tasty in a wrap.

How to negate a healthy meal

As the weather gets warmer, I enjoy lighter dinners. After two nights of the avocado grapefruit salad and then sushi at Rusan’s I moved on to a lovely Mediterranean Kale Salad from Raw Food Made Easy. I love raw kale and I don’t know why I don’t eat it more.

So how did I negate any possible health benefits I got from eating this lovely plate of greens? I made peanut butter cookies. With chocolate chips in ‘em. And ate four. If you haven’t tossed chocolate chips into your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe yet, you’re missing out.

Big Ol’ Salad

There’s something about going to DeKalb Farmer’s Market after having Soul Vegetarian brunch that made me end up with a cart full of fresh veg. Not a bad thing. So Monday night I had a salad the size of my head for dinner, the Grapefruit and Avocado Salad from Raw Food Made Easy. I also added a sprinkling of sunflower seeds just for the heck of it. Simple, tasty, filling. Well, along with the toast I had with it. :-)

Citrus Multi-Grain Salad

1 cup Lundberg wild rice/brown rice blend, cooked
1 cup quinoa, cooked
2 tangerines, peeled, sectioned and cut into bite sized pieces
1 blood orange, peeled, sectioned and cut into bite sized pieces
2 scallions, sliced

1/8 cup soy sauce
1/8 cup rice wine vinegar
1/2 tablespoon red wine vinegar
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 medium clove of garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon orange or tangerine zest 
3/8 cup olive oil

1/8 cup walnuts, chopped and toasted lightly in a dry pan   

Mix together all the salad ingredients in a big bowl. Whisk all the dressing ingredients except oil together in a separate bowl. Gradually whisk in oil or use immersion blender. Add dressing to salad, to taste. Sprinkle toasted walnuts on top. Eat cold or at room temperature. Will be better if flavors can combine for a couple of hours. 

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