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Game of Thrones potluck

For the season opener of Game of Thrones, the Gunns kindly hosted a watching party. And Jeff made his famous lasagna. Delicious! So we didn’t have to feel too bad about it, I brought roasted broccoli. Why haven’t I roasted broccoli before? It’s amazing. Oh, and chocolate chip cookies. Because, cookies. Look, we had salad too and nommy garlic bread. There may have been adult beverages too.

Black elephant xxx-mas potluck

What’s a black elephant xxx-mas party? At Star & Simon’s, it was like a white elephant party but with random XXX gifts thrown in. Much to the surprise of some party attendees. We brought regular and porn gifts. Hilarious! And we stuffed ourselves with awesome food like we always do.

A Gutenfleischer’s roast wrapped in puff pastry, biscuits, and gravy is hiding in a crock pot.

Mac & Cheeze, sushi

Rice paper rolls and peanut sauce

Mr. Gunn’s seitanic casserole

And here’s my fatty plate.

There were desserts too but I failed at taking pictures of them for some reason.

Grandma’s Boy brunch potluck

It somehow came out at one gathering or another that I’d never seen Grandma’s Boy. And just like that, a Grandma’s Boy potluck was planned. Brunch and a movie. Okay, it wasn’t the worst thing ever, and I did laugh a few times, but mostly it was underwhelming. But now I’ve seen it and can stop getting harassed about it.

Brunch was awesome though:

Scramble on top of grits, a cheezy biscuit, raw garlicky kale, stuffed crescent rolls and coffee cake.

Goatse potluck

That sure does sound appetizing, doesn’t it? Our potluck themes definitely seem to be escalating. I suppose it’s not going to stop until we’re all fighting over toilets, sinks and buckets to puke in.

So, the themed dishes will probably give you a good idea of what goatse is if you aren’t familiar. If you find yourself googling this, the result will be not safe for work, lunch, eyes, etc. You have been warned.

The is the beefy stew pot pie I brought. There was another one, but this one was the best. Lol at the carrot floater.

I also brought roasted delicata squash. But it wasn’t on theme. So good though. If you’ve been ignoring these in the market, you need to fix that. No peeling!

Back to the themed dishes…excellent use of the slashes on the sourdough. I can’t remember what was under the bread. An Italian pasta thing I’m guessing.

Uh, hollowed out corn muffins with chili, I think:

Now we’re going to get a little more abstract:

What horrible thing will we come up with next?

Fabulous brunch potluck

We’re pretty much potluck crazy. Since vegan brunch options are limited in Atlanta, it’s always a good choice.

In the back, biscuits, gravy, cheezy grits with sausage. In front, apples, banana waffles and, uh, another waffle type.



Two quiches, coffee cake, banana chocolate chip muffins, beverages.

My plate of goodness.

Since Boston Terriers were welcome, I brought Tak over. Slayer spent the whole time chasing her around the loft trying to hump her. One day we’re going to have to get all 4 BTs in one place. That’ll be ridiculous.

Afterwards most of us headed over to Octane which has now opened a location convenient to us. Yay!

The next potluck post has a goatse theme. Why yes, there might just be something wrong with us.

Cakeapalooza potluck


The theme for this month’s Atlanta Vegan Lunch Group‘s potluck was Cakeapalooza in honor of Lisa‘s Birthday. It wasn’t all cake though. We made a pretty good well-rounded meal out of it. We brought zucchini frittata. A double recipe fills a half sheet pan like so.


And we also brought a lentil potato salad.

Note, if you’re going to mix lentil sizes, start the bigger ones cooking before adding the smaller ones. My small ones got a little mushy. But they ate just fine.

My plate full of tasty bits:


How adorable are these cupcakes? They came from a bakery we didn’t know existed.


Dessert plate!



This Potluck Had a Theme

Over some silly conversation at a previous potluck we joked around about having a potluck with a theme that was a topic of conversation. I debated revealing the theme since there are going to be some folks dropping by for Vegan Mofo that aren’t expecting that sort of strangeness, but fuck it, Mofo or no this is my blog and if someone is offended they can just not come back, right? This is also the warning for the easily offended to stop reading, don’t click any links, and just look at the food pics and move on. Actually some of the pictures are pretty silly. Best just skip it.

Anyway, at this potluck, we got onto the topic of docking. Not the horrible practice of docking dogs’ tails. Not parking a boat. Something else entirely. What foods could we use to represent that? So this potluck represents the result. Some of the food strayed off topic a bit, but not too far.

So I made artichoke and hazelnut cannelloni with lemon soy bechamel sauce or docking stations.

My plate loaded with tasty bits: a docking station, fish taco, wiener in a blanket…

You can never have too much dessert, so we had three. Vegan Twinkies. Yes, we’re all 12-year-old boys.

I also made the chocolate strudel from Vegan Italiano.

Ice cream sandwiches!

Queenie was unimpressed with the theme, but loved all the extra attention she got.

Then we headed to the roof to check out the view of Atlanta. Look at my crappy picture. LOOK AT IT.





BBQ Themed Potluck

Heck, I best post this one before the ground frosts. Sheesh. The last potluck we had was BBQ themed, although not a cookout since I hosted and have no grill. Whatever, it was full of yum.

Here’s the pulled vegan chicken BBQ.

Ranch dip.

Cabbage Crunch Salad

Mac & Cheeze 1

Mac & Cheeze 2

Watermelon salad

Potato salad

Banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

Vanilla cupcakes with mint frosting

We might’ve also watched a bunch of booty shakin’ youtube videos.

Oh, look, another Mexican potluck…

Apparently we can’t stop with the Mexican potlucks. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. This time we crammed everyone into my house. It’s so not set up for entertaining. Weren’t those 50′s folks having cocktail parties and serving various things in aspic? Well, they didn’t consider that when building this house, for sure.

Albondigas soup? Oh, yes.

Starting at noon, Mexican deep dish pizza, street corn (in the foil), mango jicama salad (peeking out under the chips), tamale, diablo enchilada (butthurt special!) and guacamole.

Ice cream and cinnamon fried yum. Holy crap!

July 4th NOMfest

The plan for the Fourth of July was to have a potluck at Star & Simon’s, then go up on the roof to watch various fireworks shows. Instead, it stormed and it was difficult to tell the fireworks from lightning. And standing in the rain trying to figure out the difference sucked.

But the NOMfest went on as scheduled. So, funny story, after taking pictures of CAKE in progress, I forgot to bring my good camera. So most of these are taken with my crappy camera. The screen wasn’t working so I just had to point it and guess if the subject was going to be in frame. You’ll see…

What better excuse to bust out the crazy food coloring than July 4th? Here is CAKE in progress:

cake in progress

And frosted. I wanted to spell ‘merica, fuck yeah! in blueberries, but didn’t think I had the space or blueberries to pull it off.

Patriotic CAKE

Mmmm…beverages with and without alcohol:


Star & Simon made oyster mushroom calamari?? What, what??

Oyster mushroom calamari

And jalapeño corn balls with cheeze in the center. Work that deep fryer!

jalapeno corn balls

Hello, appetizers. Fried plantains with a dill dip and crackers with Gutenfleischer’s pimento cheeze.

Kevin working the deep fryer. See what I mean about the crappy camera?

And here is one of my half cut off plates of food: king ranch casserole, artichoke potatoes, greens raw and cooked, jalapeno corn ball, and some kind of macaroni thing.

Fajitas and chipotle fruit kabob.

CAKE, all busted into.

Oh, and there was more food too. Steph brought a delicious apple pie with cheezy crust. Lisa’s raw peach cobbler was amazing. And there were cupcakes I didn’t even get into. And I’m probably missing some things. Wow, I shouldn’t have written up this post while hungry. Now all I want is a big hunk of CAKE.

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