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BBQ Tofu Taco

It’s easy to find the full-on vegetarian or vegan restaurants, but it’s not always as easy to find out the ones with awesome veg-friendly options. Just because I’ve been stuffing my face with Elmyr‘s veggie options for a dozen plus years doesn’t mean it’s necessarily common knowledge. So, here it is.

My default order is the tofu taco with no cheese. You can get the tofu regular or BBQ. I’ll do either depending on my mood but most people go for BBQ. Now, it’s a big taco. Two tortillas, burrito length, just not burrito full. Perfect if you destroy some guacamole before hand. And you’ll want to. Because theirs is awesome. Not full of a bunch of crap to dilute the avocado goodness.

You want the full on food log? Get a burrito. They have some interesting add ins like potatoes. There’s also a vegan quesadilla called a hazeadilla. It’s packed full of veggies. In the last year or so they’ve also introduced daily specials. Usually there’s a vegan option. If you’re lucky enough to be there when they do the arepas, get them.

Downside? No vegan cheese or sour cream. The sour cream isn’t the biggest deal. But it would definitely be next level if they carried a vegan cheese. Oh, and smoking happens there. But so does alcohol so you can drink away the annoyance.

Enchilada mole casserole

Well, crap. I can’t remember why I made this. Maybe it was Lord of the Rings Risk night at Star & Simon’s. I make variations of this all the time, so I can’t remember what exactly is in it. Maybe fake chicken sautéed with bell peppers and onions with a layer of refried beans in there somewhere. Kind of like a Mexican lasagna with tortillas instead of pasta. Oh yeah, and everything is better with tater tots, right? The sauce is the Doña Maria mole sauce that I’ve written about before. Kroger is now carrying it. W00t!

Tofu chilaquiles

When you only do your grocery shopping once a week, you need a few late in the week recipes. The Tofu Chilaquiles from The Happy Herbivore works well for that. I’ve had a few versions of chilaquiles and I think I like the kind you cook up with corn tortillas better. A bit of Daiya might have found its way into these, but not a ton. Just a little sprinkle on top. All I had was some raw beet chips, so those served as the corn chips. The leftovers were really good spooned inside of steamed corn tortillas and eaten taco style.



Easy enchiladas mole

This Doña Maria ready-to-use mole sauce was a favorite to keep on hand for quick meals. It disappeared for a while but it finally showed up again at Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. Full disclosure: I have not contacted the company to check if the “natural ingredients” are indeed vegan. Maybe I should actually do that…anyway. (Update below post) Last time I posted about it, we ate it in the form of an enchilada stack. This time, I rolled up Trader Joe’s fake chicken strips fried up with onions and garlic and Daiya in flour tortillas, stuck them in a square pan, dumped the mole sauce all over then sprinkled with Daiya. Baked it for around 25 minutes at 350F and it was food. To keep all the food mud colored, we had it with a side of refried black beans, from a can all lazy like.

UPDATE: So after I posted this, I went ahead and wrote the company asking about the “natural ingredients” to make sure they were vegan. And they are! Here’s the response:


Post hike Mexican food at El Chupacabra

After all that exertion, we were ready for some food. Kevin found a Mexican restaurant near the townhouse that had vegan options. Also, it was called El Chupacabra, so we HAD to go. They use Daiya cheese and Gardein meats but unlike a lot of places, they actually further flavor the Gardein with their own sauces.

I had the Gardein chicken enchiladas in a green sauce.

This was a huge plate of food. I could not finish it even after all the hiking. In addition to the cheeziness on top, there was plenty of melty Daiya inside with the Gardein. Happy tummy.

I’m not sure if Kevin got a burrito or chimachanga, but here it is.

And, they had an awesome jukebox.

We desperately need a Mexican restaurant here that has fake meats and Daiya. But I’d settle for just the Daiya. But for now we have to settle for creating our own deliciousness at potlucks.

Poblanos, Quinoa and Beans

Normally I really like this recipe for Stuffed Poblano Chilies with Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Wow, I guess I’ve been making it for almost 15 years. Sometimes I’ll mix some chorizo with the mashed potatoes. This time I threw a bunch of kale in with the potatoes towards the end of the cooking time. So back to the “normally” qualification up top. I got some weird poblanos. They’re hot. Just stinging hot. Serrano hot but without the flavor that normally comes with a pepper. So I’ve been eating them, but haven’t really enjoyed them as much as usual.

Now this Mexican Quinoa was another story. It’s a very easy side dish and it can easily be varied by using different salsas. I used Whole Foods’ store brand of chipotle salsa. This was perfect.

The beans are just some pintos that were hanging out in my freezer from a big batch made in the slow cooker. Originally the were going to be turned into refried beans, but I got lazy when it turned out Kevin wasn’t going to be home for dinner and just put them on my plate as is.

Lots of brown food, but better for you brown food.


Oh, look, another Mexican potluck…

Apparently we can’t stop with the Mexican potlucks. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. This time we crammed everyone into my house. It’s so not set up for entertaining. Weren’t those 50′s folks having cocktail parties and serving various things in aspic? Well, they didn’t consider that when building this house, for sure.

Albondigas soup? Oh, yes.

Starting at noon, Mexican deep dish pizza, street corn (in the foil), mango jicama salad (peeking out under the chips), tamale, diablo enchilada (butthurt special!) and guacamole.

Ice cream and cinnamon fried yum. Holy crap!

Texican NOMfest

Look at me all bloggin’ like I didn’t neglect the hell out of this thing for a year or more. Sadly Godaddy was hosting my blog AND my domain registration. At least now Kevin’s hosting my blog over on Dreamhost with his stuff and I’ll just move my domain when it expires. Oh, and I’ll remember, just like an elephant.

I hear there are people who don’t really care much about food and just eat whatever. I don’t know any of those people. So we get together and have these amazing potlucks. The latest had a Texican theme. Eating started pretty much immediately after we arrived.

First course: Frito Pie and a White Sangria (one of my contributions)

And here’s the spread. And this isn’t even everything.


Redneck caviar, stuffed jalapeños:

Jicama salad with cilantro on the side for the haters (also my contribution)



Tamale, taquito (I think) and guacamole

Sampling chilimac, redneck caviar and a stuffed poblano

Did we save room for dessert? No, but that didn’t stop us. Chocolate flan, Mexican wedding cookie, sopapilla

And all vegan, of course. Okay, time to go finish the patriotic as fuck cake I made for tonight’s potluck. Oy.

Burrito in a bowl

One of my lunches this weekend was a burrito bowl from Willy’s Mexicana Grill. There are a bunch of these all over metro Atlanta. We don’t go here often, but it’s cheap, filling, and fairly healthy food. Plus they have a nice tofu. I skip the salsa they have behind the counter and use the ones they have on the salsa bar. They have more flavor.

Vegan Potlucks Rule

Whoops. This is a little tardy. I guess I’m going to get points off on my grade for that. So I hosted the last potluck for our vegan lunch group back on May 30th. Our theme was Latin American cuisine. As always, we had a lovely spread.


3 salsas, chips, guacamole, nopales (cactus)

3 salsas, chips, guacamole, nopales (cactus)



fruit salad, corn and black bean salad, quinoa salad

fruit salad, corn and black bean salad, quinoa salad, horchata


close up of corn and black bean salad and quinoa salad

close up of corn and black bean salad and quinoa salad


nopales, guacamole, roasted poblanos stuffed with garlic mashed potatoes smothered in Teese

nopales, guacamole, roasted poblanos stuffed with garlic mashed potatoes smothered in Teese


arapes, fruit salad

arapes, fruit salad


arapes smiling for their close-up

arapes smiling for their close-up

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