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Grilling out and gaga dance

gloATL had a weekend of performances set up at the Old Fourth Ward Skate Park and even though it wasn’t clear exactly what would be happening, we decided to check it out. But first, we grilled out over at Star & Simon’s. Or, we watched Simon grill and then enjoyed eating it.

Field Roast’s frankfurters are the best veggie dogs you can get.

Simon made a rack of Gutenfleischer’s ribs. Nom.

We brought leftover chili and Daiya to top the dogs. Star made a kale and kelp noodle salad. And we brought chips & ranch dip.

After dinner, we walked the still-in-progress Beltline to the skate park.

The dancers were in the skating bowls and also moving through the crowd. Skating continued during the performance and sometimes the skaters intricately worked their way through and around the dancers.

Apparently it was a style of dance called Gaga.

After watching and getting rained on a little bit we headed back. And had the Old Fashioned Chocolate Pudding Pie from Vegan Pie in the Sky with coconut ice cream.

ATL Vegan Drinks at Urban pL8

April’s ATL Vegan Drinks was at Urban pL8 and Kevin made it back in town just in time for us to bust it over there. Since we didn’t make a reservation, I didn’t want to steal slots at the allotted table, so we sat separately with the Gunns.

It’s Friday, let’s start of with a Manhattan.

They had a special menu for ATL Vegan Drinks and they also have a couple of vegan or veganizable items on their regular menu. I had the roasted beet sandwich because I like them and Kevin doesn’t so I don’t cook them much at home.

It was a very nice sandwich, but the real star was the Sunflower Seed Crusted Tofu on a squash purée. It totally needs to be on the regular menu.

We also got a side of kale and shared it. They also have kale chips.

Of course I saved room for dessert. This is what they call a paleo chocolate cake. I didn’t pay attention to what was in it but it seemed like dates, nut flour and coconut were involved. It was almost like a raw dessert. Keep that in mind if you ever see it on the menu. Just so you’re not expecting a regular cake. But don’t discount it. It was really good.


Chocolate chip cookies

You know, if you make the chocolate chip cookie recipe on the bag of chocolate chips and just replace eggs with egg replacer or flax eggs and butter with Earth Balance, they come out awesome. Seriously, it’s as easy as that. I don’t make them often because I will keep shoving them into my face until they are all gone.

Something to drool over

This past weekend I missed a quick trip to Asheville because I had to study for an exam on food safety. It’ll be another week before I get the results, but I’m pretty sure I aced it. Kevin was a sweetie and brought me back a box of chocolates from French Broad Chocolates. They’ve been delightful. I’m not sure which is my favorite yet. I guess I’ll just have to keep eating to figure that out. And of course, all of these are vegan.

Vegan bachelorette/lingerie party

Fellow vegans, I’m sure you’ve been to many events where you can’t eat most if not all of the food, right? It gets old, doesn’t it? I know I just stopped going to any work events a long time ago because they are completely uninterested in making sure there’s something for vegans to eat. So fuck ‘em.

But this weekend I attended a bachelorette party where EVERYTHING was vegan. How awesome is that? Plus, I didn’t have to cook any of it. See, you can put out an amazing spread without making animals suffer. Warning: there is a sort of naughty dessert towards the bottom. Just don’t scroll all the way down if that’d get you in trouble at work.

cucumber sandwiches

cucumber sandwiches

chocolate clusters

chocolate clusters

veggie plate

veggie plate

veggie dogs in blankets

veggie dogs in blankets

a shot of the spread

a shot of the spread

penis cupcakes

penis cupcakes

Treats that don’t make you fat

How do you make delicious treats that don’t make you fat? You get them out of your house!

A friend of Kevin’s was having a vegan out of town guest and wanted to get some goodies. He’d been by the Atlanta Vegan Bake Sale and asked us to do a couple of things for him. Well, “us” is me, but that’s fine. This is the best kind of baking. I get to taste a little, and get the rest out of my house. I mean, how could you walk by these and not shove one in your mouth?

You also need breakfast for an out of town guest, right? How about cherry almond scones? Turbando sugar is the perfect grain to sprinkle on top. Damn, I would totally eat one if these if I had one here right now. See? That’s the problem with keeping that sort of thing around.

How to negate a healthy meal

As the weather gets warmer, I enjoy lighter dinners. After two nights of the avocado grapefruit salad and then sushi at Rusan’s I moved on to a lovely Mediterranean Kale Salad from Raw Food Made Easy. I love raw kale and I don’t know why I don’t eat it more.

So how did I negate any possible health benefits I got from eating this lovely plate of greens? I made peanut butter cookies. With chocolate chips in ‘em. And ate four. If you haven’t tossed chocolate chips into your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe yet, you’re missing out.

Lady time food


image shamelessly stolen from Cosmo's because all I have left is an empty wrapper

pic shamelessly stolen from Cosmo's

I know I’ve seen at least one mention of lady time food during VeganMoFo. I’m going to add to that. Yesterday was the peak of the unpleasantness that comes with lady time, so I treated myself with a Sweet & Sarah Smore Pie. The peanut butter one to be exact. Now, I’ve never bought the marshmallows because I don’t miss them all that much. But when you slap it between cookies and cover it in chocolate it becomes way more appealing. And it did not disappoint. The peanut butter flavor was fairly mild. The chocolate was outstanding. And the marshmallow texture was intriguing. I can imagine how fascinating this would be to eat stoned, so don’t hit up Cosmo’s or your local Smore Pie carrying establishment while you’re wasted or you’ll spend your whole paycheck on this things.

Sometimes you just need chocolate cake

Eating healthy raw food is great, but sometimes, about one week a month, a girl just needs some chocolate cake. So while we had a lovely, healthy raw dinner of Sunflower Seed Paté on celery sticks and Gazpacho from Raw Food Made Easy:

sunflower seed pate


Afterwards, there was cake. I had bananas I needed to use so I asked the interwebs about chocolate banana bundt cakes. I found Memmaw’s Vegan Chocolate Banana Cake. To make it even more chocolaty, I made a half batch of the ganache from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and drizzled it on top. The cake is moist and lovely with little chocolate chip bombs throughout. I like the texture but will warn you that it’s slightly non cake like, or at least not what you’d expect in a bundt. Maybe it’s all that banana. Anyway, it’s good, but if you’re looking for light airy cake, this isn’t it. This is moist, fudgy intense chocolate yumminess.

chocolate banana bundt

I still dig Vegan Italiano, especially for quick food. The Fusilli with Beets is practically instant beyond cooking the pasta. Obviously these aren’t fusilli, but I liked the idea of little beet cubes ending up inside these guys, so that’s what I picked up.

pasta with beets

And it took me a while, but I finally busted into Healthy South Indian Cooking. It’s been sitting around here for a while waiting for me to get to it. I finally got to Taj Mahal Market last week and picked up prepared Rasam and Sambhar spice mixes just to make life a little easier. This is the Carrot Sambhar and it was lovely. And I even had to leave out fenugreek seeds because I didn’t have any. I used to so I’m not sure where they ran off to. Anyway, it was bright, lovely, complex, not terribly hot. Enough dal to give it some substance, but not so much that it gets heavy.

carrot sambhar

And the “Butter” Tofu made another appearance.

butter tofu

Mexican Chocolate Tart

mexican chocolate tart from my sweet vegan

I finally dove into My Sweet Vegan and tried the Mexican  Chocolate Tart. I haven’t actually cut into it yet, so can’t comment on how it is, but the parts were tasty as I was making it. The candied pecans would even be nice to have around as a munchie.  And of course I cannot resist the chocolate chilie combination. Next time I might either use more cayenne in the filling or switch it to ground red chilies for a little more warmth.

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