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November 28, 2011

Fabulous brunch potluck

We’re pretty much potluck crazy. Since vegan brunch options are limited in Atlanta, it’s always a good choice.

In the back, biscuits, gravy, cheezy grits with sausage. In front, apples, banana waffles and, uh, another waffle type.



Two quiches, coffee cake, banana chocolate chip muffins, beverages.

My plate of goodness.

Since Boston Terriers were welcome, I brought Tak over. Slayer spent the whole time chasing her around the loft trying to hump her. One day we’re going to have to get all 4 BTs in one place. That’ll be ridiculous.

Afterwards most of us headed over to Octane which has now opened a location convenient to us. Yay!

The next potluck post has a goatse theme. Why yes, there might just be something wrong with us.

September 2, 2011

Vicious Dog Attack

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Tak likes to growl a lot when she plays.

October 15, 2009

Tak and her shark

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Not food related, but this is how Tak gets ready for bed. Caught on my iPhone.

October 19, 2008

Computing obstacle

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Tak is really needy this evening. She’s insisting on laying across my chest. And grunting. She’s doing it as I type this. To be fair, the grunting really only happens when I squeeze her.


Tak on my chest

Tak on my chest

February 3, 2008

Tak loves the Brewhouse

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Tak loves the Brewhouse, originally uploaded by abracapocus.


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