After being down with the flu for a couple of days, I was craving healthy, comforting food. Soups, lots of veggies. Recently, I started getting Whole Living magazine and I’ve been pretty impressed by its offerings so far. The January/February issue had a cleanse plan as one of its features. The recipes are mostly vegan and stick with pretty seasonal ingredients. Pretty impressive! This Roasted Garlic and Beet Soup caught my eye. I love beets, but Kevin does not. He was out of town this week, so the timing was perfect!

This was delicious. So good that I might make it again this week to take for lunches. Once blended up, it’s smooth enough to drink from a cup, but still has some body to it and feels fairly substantial. Of course with beets I always live in fear that I’ll get it all over my face or clothes. But what the hell, live dangerously! Also, beets are like $0.69/lb. at the farmer’s market so it’s super cheap to make. Leeks aren’t cheap, but I bet you could substitute green onions.