We had a package of the Match Meat Chicken hanging out in the freezer so I decided to see if there was something I could make with it without having to go to the store. Match Meat Chicken stuffed with spinach was it! You’ll find the recipe here, but you can’t link directly to individual recipes, so just find it in the list and click. The only change I made was to season the meat with salt, pepper, oregano and a little garlic powder before dividing and filling. Oh yeah, I also browned them on the George Foreman grill before baking rather than pan frying. These were really easy and so good! They look like something you spent way more time on than you did. See how pretty it is?

The broccoli is just steamed broccoli, but the potatoes are a new product Cosmo’s is carrying, Instant Organic Mashed Potatoes by Edward & Sons. We tried the roasted garlic version. They were good and practically instant. If you aren’t into cooking, are in a hurry, or just need another quick component to your meal, these might be a good option for you. I’m probably too cheap to use them all that often though because I don’t mind making mashed potatoes.