Diving back into World Vegan Feast, this time something with simpler, homier flavors, the Italian Polenta Loaf with Beans and Kale (scroll down). So, clearly that’s a big pile, kind of a patty, not really a fried up slice of loaf. The amount of polenta the recipe called for didn’t seem to envelop the rest of the ingredients well enough. It did set up pretty well in the loaf pan in the refrigerator, but when it was sliced to pan fry, it wouldn’t keep together. Not sure if the answer is to chop the greens finer, use less of them, or what.

This definitely wants a sauce or gravy, even if just a little bit. Instead of Bryanna’s recipe, I used the simpler Rich Brown Gravy from Vegan Vittles. It’s also low in fat so this turns out to be pretty healthy and satisfying.