gogol bordello at the roxy in atlanta, ga 10/19/07

Wow. Let me say that again….WOW! Non-stop, high-energy, great bunch of bouncy fun. I don’t care what kind of music you like, if you get the chance to see Gogol Bordello, do it. I was with a group of people who have all been to many, many shows and we were all basically in agreement that this was at the very least in our top five shows of all time.

Since we’re old, we got to the Roxy early and nabbed the front row of the balcony so we could sit on our asses.  The sold out crowd did Atlanta proud by being every bit as energetic as the band. I’ll have to say that Atlanta does seem to give good crowd compared to some other cities. And I was able to get a few shots with my iPhone which didn’t come out too badly.

There was also an afterparty at Lenny’s, so, what the hell, we headed over there. The band showed up and Eugene Hütz, the lead singer, was the DJ. Good stuff, but since we’re all old, and the smoke was getting to us, we left around 1:15AM or so. I was driving, so there was no drinking enough to get me dancing anyway.