Recently I received an email asking if I’d like to try a new product, Good Karma’s Flax Milk. Another way to get more flax in my diet? Sure, I’m interested!

They sent a carton each of original and unsweetened. Now, when I used freshly ground flax seeds, they definitely have a taste. A little grassy I guess. Not a bad thing, just a thing. So I was sort of expecting the milk to have a little aftertaste. But it doesn’t. And you know how they get kind of slimy when you whip them up with water to replace eggs? Nope, not a hint of that either. Turns out, it makes a nice, creamy milk. The original was great on cereal and in smoothies. And I used the unsweetened in mashed potatoes and as a replacement for soy milk in a tofu fish stick recipe. Kevin usually doesn’t like unsweetened milks, but used this flax one on cereal and liked it.

When I headed over to their website to write this up, I noticed that they have creamer too. Unfortunately, it looks like the only places near that carry it right now are Wal-Marts. Hopefully that changes soon.