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Unclog That Drain

You have these in your cabinet, right? Did you know you could use them to unclog your drains? It works pretty well and isn’t poison. Here’s what I did recently to unclog the bathroom sink drain. First, take out the stopper and dump a bunch of baking soda down into the drain. Next, pour some vinegar down there and quickly cover the drain with your hand to stop it up. It’s going to bubble up and froth like one of those volcano projects kids do for school. You want all that fizziness to push down and eat at whatever is clogging the drain. If your drain stopper creates a tight seal, you can just use that. When it’s done fizzing, run hot water down the drain. Still slow? Repeat. See, easy!



Really lazy veganmofo post

Really lazy veganmofo post, originally uploaded by abracapocus.

Wakame nigiri, avocado maki and tempura banana maki at edgewood
rusan’s, Atlanta. Yum!

Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news, originally uploaded by abracapocus.

Good news? Dagoba is making bigger versions of their xochotl bar. Bad
news? When it grew in size it somehow aquired milk as an ingredient.
BOO!!! Spotted at Ansley Kroger.


Falafel!, originally uploaded by abracapocus.

Falafel platter & falafel sammich at Ali Babba’s in L5P, Atlanta.

Vegan cherry cheese Danish???

Vegan cherry cheese Danish???, originally uploaded by abracapocus.

Damn, where can you get one of those in Atlanta? For now, just in my
kitchen. But, be patient…

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