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Covered in tattoos

Weird. I had a dream last night that I found myself suddenly covered in tattoos. Well, at least with about a dozen. And I didn’t remember getting any of them. Apparently they were all acquired while drunk. The only one that made any sense to me was an interior shot of the Kinko’s I used to work at on Market St. in San Francisco. I actually decided in the dream  that that one was pretty cool. The only other one I remember was a long, cut off pony tail tied in a knot and the initials J.P. were in the design as well. WTF?

Die Ameisebären

Last night I dreamt a pair of ant eaters wondered into my yard, a male and female. They had been eating spaghetti. You could still see a few strands of it in their little mouths. They didn’t seem to be afraid of people but would bite, but not hard, if you tried to pick them up. They really enjoyed playing with tennis balls.

When I was a child, I used to have a recurrent dream about a tunneling ant eater. It would arrive in a tunnel like Bugs Bunny, pop out, look around, then pop back in and be on its way. It always arrived in my neighbor’s yard. It was bigger than the ones I dreamt about last night (or maybe I was just smaller then.)

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