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Wayward Vegan Cafe, round 1

Apparently cinnamon rolls grow on trees in Seattle. When we got to Wayward Vegan Cafe they had a whole pan of these things sitting right next to the register where you order. Really? How the hell can you avoid ordering that when it’s staring at you like that? The answer is, you can’t.

Hillbilly Omelet: filled with sausage and hash browns, covered with gravy, deep fried potatoes on the side. Oooof.

Kevin got Seitan on a Shingle:

Jared models his Country Fried Steak:


Beth displays her French Toast:

Kevin offers up his grits:

And here is Taylor molesting his burrito, not sure which one.



Post hike Mexican food at El Chupacabra

After all that exertion, we were ready for some food. Kevin found a Mexican restaurant near the townhouse that had vegan options. Also, it was called El Chupacabra, so we HAD to go. They use Daiya cheese and Gardein meats but unlike a lot of places, they actually further flavor the Gardein with their own sauces.

I had the Gardein chicken enchiladas in a green sauce.

This was a huge plate of food. I could not finish it even after all the hiking. In addition to the cheeziness on top, there was plenty of melty Daiya inside with the Gardein. Happy tummy.

I’m not sure if Kevin got a burrito or chimachanga, but here it is.

And, they had an awesome jukebox.

We desperately need a Mexican restaurant here that has fake meats and Daiya. But I’d settle for just the Daiya. But for now we have to settle for creating our own deliciousness at potlucks.

Croissants and Cinnamon Rolls

So you’ve got a dozen Mighty O donuts and a box of coffee and you’re heading back to have breakfast. So what do you do on the way back? Stop at a vegan bakery of course! As we were driving along, we saw Bouteloua Bakery. So Kevin pretty much demanded I hop out and get croissants while he drove around the block. So I picked up a regular croissant, a chocolate filled one…

and two cinnamon rolls.

The croissants were flakey just like they should be. It’s not every day, or any day really, that you get to have a vegan croissant. The cinnamon buns were sticky and gooey. I should’ve gotten one of their lemon ones to try.

Before we sound too piggish, we did eat on these and the donuts the whole visit. I swear.

Mighty Mighty O

Oh Hi case full of vegan doughnuts. Donuts. Whatever. We woke up too early the first day in Seattle. Well, some of us did. So Kevin and I headed out to pick up some Mighty O Donuts and coffee. And just as we were getting in the car Jared walked up to join us in the townhouse. So he piled on in for the journey.

So we got a dozen, plus a fritter. There’s pumpkin cream filled, regular cream filled, apple spice, chocolate raspberry, pumpkin, chocolate coconut, peanut butter chocolate and probably something else I’m forgetting.

See that chocolate coconut donut there? It’s called the “Don King.”

Sometimes you can’t wait the 15 minutes it’ll take to get back to the place. So I got an extra pumpkin cream filled donut. Honestly, I’m not a donut freak but since we don’t have vegan ones here I just had to eat a few.

And here’s a random Seattle observation: the must have accessory is a dog. All dogs wear clothes. That is all.


Late night pizza

We rolled in to Seattle at about midnight, which was 3am East Coast time. So yeah, we were wrecked. And hungry. Kevin found a pizza place near where we were staying in Ballard that was open until 1:30am. And they had vegan toppings and cheese. W00t! So we headed to Juliano’s.

Juliano’s is a strange place. Apparently they do karaoke. And upon hearing that we were in town for the Portishead show, they brought up youtube videos and played them for us while we waited. Loudly.

Some random ceiling decorations:

But they had a ton of vegan meaty topping options. No, they didn’t use Daiya. Tofutti maybe? But their crust was tasty and the sauce had a nice bit of spiciness to it. And it was open!

Random consumption

The internet connection is slow here at the rental in Seattle. So I’m just going to clear out the last few bits off food I uploaded before we left Atlanta to one post so I can make way for the piles of noms had on the trip.

A quick dinner of May Wah chicken legs with buffalo sauce, baked potato and corn.


Thursday and Friday last week I had work meetings at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead. Nothing on the lunch buffet was vegan, but the kitchen whipped this up for me: tofu on a bed of garlicky potatoes and vegetables. It was pretty good!

Thursday night, Kevin stopped by Healthful Essence on the way back into town from Alabama. My plate full of delicious, from two angles. Seriously, you should try this place.



Cakeapalooza potluck


The theme for this month’s Atlanta Vegan Lunch Group‘s potluck was Cakeapalooza in honor of Lisa‘s Birthday. It wasn’t all cake though. We made a pretty good well-rounded meal out of it. We brought zucchini frittata. A double recipe fills a half sheet pan like so.


And we also brought a lentil potato salad.

Note, if you’re going to mix lentil sizes, start the bigger ones cooking before adding the smaller ones. My small ones got a little mushy. But they ate just fine.

My plate full of tasty bits:


How adorable are these cupcakes? They came from a bakery we didn’t know existed.


Dessert plate!



Hankook Taqueria

Kevin didn’t get in from working out-of-town until Saturday evening. We wanted quick, inexpensive, unfussy food. Korean tacos? Yes, please. So we headed out to Hankook Taqueria for tofu tacos and sesame fries. Fried tofu, hot sauce, salad on top, squeeze of lime. The fries are tossed with red chili flakes, sesame oil, a hint of sugar? They remind me of the spicy fries from Java on Clement St. in San Francisco. The googles tell me Java has now closed. I hate that! Anyway, their fries were tossed in a vinegar, sugar, chili mixture. So good. Well, crap. Now I’m all bummed about Java being closed.

Sesame fries!

Oh, if Hankook isn’t convenient, look for the Yumbii food trucks. You can get these from the trucks as well.

This weekend we head to Seattle to see Portishead. So there will definitely be out-of-town food porn coming soon!


Vegan Pie in the Sky book signing with Isa Chandra Moskowitz!

Vegan cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz will be in Atlanta Sunday, October 30th signing Vegan Pie in the Sky (and apparently your whole collection of her books if you haul ‘em up there.) Oh, and it’ll be at Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe, our own vegan owned, completely vegan shop. You knew we had one here, right? It’s 2-3pm and I heard some kind of rumor about pie sampling. Here’s the Facebook page for the event if you want to say you’re going, pass it around, etc. Also, PIE.

Butternut Squash Gratin with Onions and Sage

A couple of weeks ago I impulse bought a butternut squash. I do that, especially with sturdier vegetables. It’ll just hang out while you figure out what to do with it. This is what happened to that butternut squash. It became a gratin! This is a great example of why you shouldn’t ignore non-vegan cookbooks. Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone was one of my earlier cookbooks and I still use it often. Veganizing this recipe is no hardship. Substitute vegan milk for regular, vegan cheese for regular. Done!

This would make an awesome Thanksgiving side. It also allows me to use the sage growing outside my kitchen. It and the rosemary bush are the only edible plants that I have that thrive without any care whatsoever. I’ve got a pot of mint planted and hope it’ll join them in that.



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