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Ugandan-style peanut butter stew

With bell peppers and tomatoes in the CSA box, I had everything I needed to make another recipe from World Feast Vegan, Ugandan-Style Peanut Butter Stew. I’m a big fan of peanut flavored foods. Usually they seem to have sweet potatoes. So this was a little different than the African stews I’ve made before.

The flavor was nice, but the bell pepper got kind of mushy. Next time I might cut it bigger or add it in a little later. A bed of brown rice soaked up all the tasty sauce.

On the side, that’s just kale massaged with olive oil and rice vinegar.

Kale salad and bell pepper cheese

Oh, hey, look it’s that garlicky kale salad that I make all the time. This time it’s the center of the meal with added veggies and some avocado to make it more filling.

The little bowl contains Yellow Bell Pepper Pine Cheese from Thrive Foods. We scooped it up with raw pumpkin chips. Crazy good! And this turned out to be plenty of food.

Again with the Papa Chorizo Frittata

True, I have blogged about Alicia’s Papa Chorizo Frittata before, but it was 3+ years ago so let’s do it again! There were a few changes this time. It’s now my habit to bump up the nutritional yeast in any eggy recipe. And I also add a bit of black salt. Instead of roasted red peppers, I just used fresh bell pepper fried up with the potatoes and chorizo.

This makes an awesome potluck dish since it is good warm or at room temperature.

I also busted out a quick batch of biscuits to go with it.

And we had a pile of raw kale salad on the side. Kale is a bandwagon I don’t mind hopping on. It’s delicious!

Blackened tempeh

This borrows from a recipe that goes way back to 1996, the early days of my vegetarianism. Sometimes there is a component of a recipe that would do well in another setting. Here, the blackened tempeh makes an awesome meal with raw kale salad and mashed potatoes & gravy. It would also be amazing on a sandwich. Maybe that’s how I’ll eat it next.

Grandma’s Boy brunch potluck

It somehow came out at one gathering or another that I’d never seen Grandma’s Boy. And just like that, a Grandma’s Boy potluck was planned. Brunch and a movie. Okay, it wasn’t the worst thing ever, and I did laugh a few times, but mostly it was underwhelming. But now I’ve seen it and can stop getting harassed about it.

Brunch was awesome though:

Scramble on top of grits, a cheezy biscuit, raw garlicky kale, stuffed crescent rolls and coffee cake.

Classic Tuscan White Bean Soup

Oh, what’s this? Soup? I can’t stop! Things are really busy around here lately and I have no imagination when it comes to food. A bowl of soup and some toast is awesome when you’re in a hurry. I still had an asston of white beans left, so I tried out this Classic Tuscan White Bean Soup from Vegan Italiano. It was simple and hearty. Made a really satisfying meal. To get my veggies covered off, I tossed in some kale. You can almost never go wrong by tossing mild greens into a soup.


Just Lunch

No biggie, just some lunch from Whole Foods. I rarely eat out for lunch, but had to run over that way and pick up Grover’s special million dollar cat food. It’s barley and wheat berries with curried corn on top, a few chunks of southern fried tofu and a big pile of garlicky kale.



Wing Night

We had a bag of May Wah chicken legs taking up space in the freezer because I don’t use a lot of this sort of pre-made fake meat stuff. So this week in an effort to use up some freezer stuff, we had wings. And you can see that Kevin had to pay for this by having not one but two vegetables as sides: kale chips and roasted cauliflower. I just googled for a recipe for the cauliflower and this one was the first result. You only need half the oil, if that, and I just left out the parmesan and chives. Kevin didn’t complain about it so I guess he liked it. That or he was too excited about wings to complain. Oh, and this was the sauce for the wings. I stuck to the recipe amounts because I wasn’t sure how spicy it would be. It wasn’t very spicy. Maybe next time we’ll cut in some spicier hot sauce.



Just a burger

Just a quick and easy weeknight meal of a burger, one of those I stuck in the freezer, sautéed kale with gomashio on top and tater tots.



Mmmm…healthy crap

I think somewhere in a previous post I threatened to eat some raw kale. And I did too. A big ol’ pile of it with leftover tofu from this meal cubed on top. Some sliced carrots and slivered almonds thrown on just for fun. And a side of brussels sprouts because I love them.

Yes, this is an exceptionally lazy post. But hey, I haven’t missed a day yet!

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