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Golden cauliflower dal soup

World Feast Vegan has been sitting around unused for too long. So I fixed that by trying this Golden Cauliflower Dal Soup. I always seem to have a glut of red lentils around here and needed a way to use some up. This seemed perfect.

The cauliflower is roasted. You can see the little char spots on it floating in the soup. It’s an extra step but gave it a nice edge over other similar soups I’ve made. I also added a sprinkle of asafoetida (hing). It was no chore to destroy every last bit of the leftovers as lunch.

In the Bowl Vegetarian Noodle Bistro

So there are still a few Seattle posts to go…

In the Bowl Vegetarian Noodle Bistro isn’t just vegetarian, but vegan. W00t! It’s mostly Thai with a few more generic dishes if you’re a hater.

These are the Full-filled Your Dreams fried wontons: Deep fried vegan wonton skin wrapper which are being filled with vegetarian meat paste and tofu cream cheese then served with sweet and sour sauce.

They have tons of fake meat options. I rarely get duck, so I thought I’d try it in the form of Roasted Duck Curry: A perfect matched of curry paste, soy protein roasted duck, coconut milk, cherry tomato, pineapple, bell pepper and fresh basil served with rice vermicelli noodle, white or brown rice.

This was good, but where the duck really shined was in the salad Beth ordered, the Spicy Roasted Duck Salad: Marinated roasted duck tossed with red onion, green onion and our homemade chili-lime sauce then served over sliced of green apple and garnished with crispy chow mien and cilantro. Too bad I didn’t take a picture.


Golden Curried Pea Soup

The weather finally broke here. I think we had a record number of 90+ degree days in Atlanta this year, or close to it. Now that we’re done with that and can even occasionally open the windows, it’s officially the beginning of soup season. Digging around in my MacGourmet recipe box, this recipe for Golden Curried Pea Soup looked appealing. It’s from Nava Atlas’ Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons. The barley makes it extra filling. It matures nicely in the fridge. I finished a whole recipe of it on my own by taking it for lunch and never got bored of it. You’ll see some green in there. I had some kale all cleaned and chopped up so I threw it in. It worked nicely. I also occasionally stirred in some garam masala when I felt the need for a little extra spice kick.


Thai House and the Symphony

You’d think with my job I’d have access to all kinds of cool free tickets. Not so much. But occasionally something comes along. This Saturday I had tickets for Cirque de la Symphony with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. Since we had to travel way up to Alpharetta, a stop at Thai House for dinner was in order.

The sizzling rice soup, every time.

They have two sorts of fake meats: a chickeny one called su gai and a fishy one called su yi. I like the su yi and it’s different than the fake meats anyone else uses so I usually get that. Here it is in green curry form.

And on a bed of rice.

The symphony was okay but the sound wasn’t that great at the amphitheatre. I’d like to see them again at Symphony Hall. The acrobats were amazing, especially the final act. The things they did just were not possible.

Lunch at Pukk

Other than Mamoun’s, this has to be the best deal in New York. Pukk has a bunch of lunch specials for $6. For that you get soup, an appetizer, an entree and brown or white rice. Dinner prices are also reasonable, but this is an amazing bargain.

Soup and vegan thai iced tea:

The Thai iced tea was much better than Loving Huts. More like what I remember. I think Loving Hut just needs to brew the tea stronger.

I think I got the Massaman Curry, but the online menu doesn’t say anything about tofu. So it could be the Panang. The appetizer is the square noodle roll. I will almost always order something with fermented black beans in it given the option. Also, I totally failed to ask for the extra spices, so I don’t know how good their wheel of doom is.

Kevin got the Red Curry Duck and the spicy spring rolls.

Just walking in for lunch here seemed to be no problem, but the space is tiny so there may be waits for dinner. The space itself is tiled all the way around including the ceiling. My picture sucks so I’m not adding it, but I encourage you to click through to their site to have a look.

Madras Sri Ganesh Ram Palace

Hey, guess what? I ate out again. That’s fucking shocking, isn’t it? I’m just going to come out and say that I don’t think I could live anywhere that didn’t have a South Indian restaurant. But I want it to be a little bit inconvenient. Otherwise I’d be waddling around with an additional hundred pounds on my frame. No joke.

While we have a number of good Indian restaurants in Atlanta, Madras Sri Ganesh Ram Palace is by far my favorite. Thankfully, it’s not all that convenient for me being out by Stone Mountain and all. It is a vegetarian restaurant but there are plenty of things vegans can eat. The server will be glad to help you with any questions.

Need some convincing? That’s okay, I came prepared with food porn. I bet there are a dozen pics of Medhu Vadai floating around in my archives. What’s not to like about savory lentil flour doughnuts?

Kevin’s favorite is Gobi Manchurian: battered, deep fried cauliflower in a very spicy sweet sauce:

Dosas are a favorite of mine. So is the Chole Batura. But I like to work my way around the menu because everything is so good. This is the first time I got the Uppatham with vegetable curry. The Uppatham come with another dish on the menu that isn’t vegan, but they happily changed it out for me. And it was lovely with carrots, potatoes and other veg in a spicy sauce that was warm but didn’t blow my head off. The Uppathams did a great job of soaking up the sauce.

Uppatham extreme close up:

You’re hungry now, aren’t you?

Adventures in Soy Curls

You may have seen or heard of Butler’s Soy Curls in shops or on other blogs. They are awesome in their simplicity: soy beans. And guess what? They’re really easy to use too! I just rehydrate with warm water and use in recipes that call for seitan or TVP.

Here’s a recipe from A Vegan Taste of Thailand that called for TVP. I think it’s called Soya Mince with Rice Noodles and Peas. The sauce base is coconut milk and red curry paste. I used yellow curry paste instead. Still delicious. This is the only one of the “a vegan taste” series that I own, but I’ve been pretty happy with it. I know the various books get so-so reviews on amazon.com. But they are fairly inexpensive, so the risk is pretty small. I should try another one soon.

And here, I was easily able to substitute the Soy Curls for seitan in this Persian Seitan in Pomegranate Sauce from The Vegan Epicure. Bonus, I was able to use some of the Pom Wonderful Pomegranate juice sent to me a while back. I usually just make this dish with pomegranate molasses. I was hoping using the juice would have it turn out a little less brown, but I didn’t get the concentrated flavor from it that I like. So I ended up adding the pomegranate molasses anyway. We just ate it over bulgur.

Curried “Chicken” Salad

Good grief does this look healthy! Well, if you don’t look at all the Veganaise in it. But still! The warmer weather makes me want to eat lighter foods. Especially when I am still holding out on turning on the air conditioning. These cravings coincide nicely with my wanting to lose a few pounds. Apparently this Curried “Chicken” Salad recipe came out of Vegetarian Times. Although I have no idea where I found it. It was just hanging out in MacGourmet and appealed to me when I was making the shopping list. The leftover salad held up nicely. I can see it being tasty in a wrap.

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