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Kooksu at Takorea

While I do love the tofu tacos and sesame fries, the Kooksu (soba noodles, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, Korean red pepper sauce – ask for no egg and it’s vegan) at Takorea hits the spot when you’re looking for a healthier option. Of course, I then end up destroying this and taking more than a couple of Kevin’s sesame fries. It cannot be helped. Heads up, they do trivia on Thursday evenings. It gets loud.

The lighting outside the window made the trees look all spooky.

Smoked tofu at Burnt Fork BBQ

Vegans are used to ignoring BBQ restaurants for obvious reasons. But you don’t have to ignore Burnt Fork BBQ. Each part of the menu has clearly marked vegan options. Korean tacos, spring rolls, several side choices and BBQ smoked tofu. The first time we went, they were out of the smoked tofu, so we had the tacos. They were okay, but we kind of love Hankook, Yumbii, Takorea for our Korean taco fix. It took a while but we finally got back there to try the smoked tofu. Here it is in the form of the plate.

Kale and sweet potato chips are the sides. Always get the kale. It’s really good. Kind of sweet. Love the tofu. It can be hard to taste the smokiness under the BBQ sauce, but it’s there. Anyway, it’s always nice to have another omnivore restaurant offer nice vegan options.

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