i have a serious brain disease. please bring me a cat.

Mmmm…healthy crap

I think somewhere in a previous post I threatened to eat some raw kale. And I did too. A big ol’ pile of it with leftover tofu from this meal cubed on top. Some sliced carrots and slivered almonds thrown on just for fun. And a side of brussels sprouts because I love them.

Yes, this is an exceptionally lazy post. But hey, I haven’t missed a day yet!


  1. Raw kale is awesome! I never would have thought so till this past week, but wow, it's really good. Way better than lettuce for raw, leafy greens

  2. That is a great looking plate of food

  3. That does look healthy…and delicious!

  4. you are on a role! I love Kale! Yum!

  5. Oooh! I can practically feel the vitamins. ;)

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