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Madras Sri Ganesh Ram Palace

Hey, guess what? I ate out again. That’s fucking shocking, isn’t it? I’m just going to come out and say that I don’t think I could live anywhere that didn’t have a South Indian restaurant. But I want it to be a little bit inconvenient. Otherwise I’d be waddling around with an additional hundred pounds on my frame. No joke.

While we have a number of good Indian restaurants in Atlanta, Madras Sri Ganesh Ram Palace is by far my favorite. Thankfully, it’s not all that convenient for me being out by Stone Mountain and all. It is a vegetarian restaurant but there are plenty of things vegans can eat. The server will be glad to help you with any questions.

Need some convincing? That’s okay, I came prepared with food porn. I bet there are a dozen pics of Medhu Vadai floating around in my archives. What’s not to like about savory lentil flour doughnuts?

Kevin’s favorite is Gobi Manchurian: battered, deep fried cauliflower in a very spicy sweet sauce:

Dosas are a favorite of mine. So is the Chole Batura. But I like to work my way around the menu because everything is so good. This is the first time I got the Uppatham with vegetable curry. The Uppatham come with another dish on the menu that isn’t vegan, but they happily changed it out for me. And it was lovely with carrots, potatoes and other veg in a spicy sauce that was warm but didn’t blow my head off. The Uppathams did a great job of soaking up the sauce.

Uppatham extreme close up:

You’re hungry now, aren’t you?


  1. Wow this looks amazing and YES I am so hungry now

  2. Oh man, I never found that place while I was in Atlanta (I don't think). Those dosas look killer!

  3. I'm not hungry cause I just had curry lentil potato soup, but I really enjoyed the pictures. We don't have a good indian resturant in my city. I went to them and they are never tasty and spicy enough as the indian food that I cook at home. And they don't have those amazing lentil flour doughnuts that you ate..I would love to try this.
    What I don't like about the indian restaurants in Brazil is the strong smell of incense with the curry.
    I love the spicy smell that curry leaves for a day in my house when I'm cooking Karê (japanese curry soup) or curry lentil soup.

  4. I have trouble getting past the Dosas too but now I think I must have Uppatham.

  5. Sorry..was going to comment..but my mind keeping going back to those lentil donuts..donuts..lentil donuts. I must find an Indian place in Boston that makes these!!

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