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Pomegranate Bars

Last night I got experimental with the POM Wonderful pomegranate juice. Instead of stocking up at the liquor store and mixin’ and drinkin’ until I ended up with my arms wrapped around the toilet, I decided to try something a little safer. Pomegranate Bars. You know, like lemon bars, but pomegranate. I also tossed in some orange zest to make it interesting.

I was a little concerned when I tasted the filling. The pomegranate wasn’t coming through as much as I’d like. Also, the mixture ended up a kind of muddy greyish pink. So I added a little food coloring. The finished bar actually tasted better than I thought it would come out. But it still needs work. The bars would be awesome if some pomegranate seeds were stirred in just before pouring the filling into the bars. It would be pretty and give an interesting texture to them. To get more intense pomegranate flavor, next time I would reduce the pomegranate juice a little over heat to concentrate it. Another possibility is to mix it with lemon or lime juice to give it more of a tart flavor.


  1. That's very pretty.

    I think if you'd reduce the juice and sweeten it a bit more maybe to make a syrup (which you COULD use for drinks but don't HAVE to) you'd have a more versatile ingredient that you could use in fillings, glazes etc.

    I was also wondering if it couldn't be incorporated into a chilled soup. Some of the beet soups and squash soups have a nice sweet and savory thing going on that might work with POM as well. I still think you may need to reduce it first for doing most things other than drinking it straight.

  2. They look so pretty!

  3. laura

    March 28, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    yeah, but i've already got pomegranate molasses which seems to serve the concentrated pomegranate role. i'm sure i'll figure out a way to use it all even if i end up drinking it with or without alcohol.

  4. If nothing else, the color is great. I like the idea of adding seeds!

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