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Disaster recovery

Well, I was going to make Dal Kootu last night. But then I burned the beans in my pressure cooker. The water kept bubbling out of the steam release. Maybe I need a new pressure cooker.


the burnination

the burnination

So I flipped around Dakshin: Vegetarian Cuisine from South India for another recipe I could make. I picked Vegetable Korma. It was okay, but the coconut didn’t mix up smooth enough. I think it would have have been better if I had a vitamix or if I somehow substituted in coconut milk for the shredded coconut. 

Oh yeah, now I remember why I bought a new digital camera. *sigh*


  1. ARGH!!
    Rice Disaster!!

    I LOVE the colours of the Korma!!
    It looks yummy

  2. stupid beans :( I hate putting energy into things and then it just burns. argh. looks like you made a good save by finding a different recipe.

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