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Some collected random thoughts

  • Ina Garten made something vegan today. No really!
  • To the companion animal that keeps puking on my bed: please do that on the hardwood floors in the future. kthx
  • According to Paula Deen, fish “has no fat.” Um, okay.
  • So far, this election has been far more entertaining than I’d imagined. I’m not looking forward to Tuesday when it’ll probably narrow down to two.
  • They’ve made this whole blog customization crap way too easy. Why I remember when templates were so simple and bare that you had to fiddle with ‘em forever to get them to look reasonable. Now it’s just grab, upload, activate. Select widgets. Done. I haven’t touched the code at all this evening. I’m getting soft.

Why Publix is better than Kroger

I had to pick up a few things at the grocery store and was seriously dreading it. Christmas Eve? What the hell was I thinking? So I bop up to the Publix at East Lake. I get the last cart. Oh no. That can’t be good. I grab my shit, head for a line, and they have all the lanes open. Walk right up, plop my stuff down, and head out. Home to back home in 20 minutes. If I had gone to Kroger I’d have probably been there half the day. Hell, that’s the case on a non-holiday.

I do what I’m told.


The latest WTF from Japan

plushie breast characters from japan

You know, I can’t help but wonder the target for these. Judging from the descriptions here, it sounds like maybe pre-teen girls? But then you’ve got that one with the pierced nipple. So maybe high school age? Japan confuses me. I of course think they’re cute and want them. But I’m not quite right.

Tag, you’re it!

What, there are internet memes that don’t involve cats? Huh, who knew? Leigh tagged me, so I best make with the writey writey.

#1 Players must list one fact, word, or tidbit that is somehow relevant to their life for each letter of your first or middle name.
#2 When you are tagged you need to write your own post containing your first or middle name game facts, word, or tidbit.
#3 At the end of your post choose one person for each letter of your name to tag. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
#4 If I’ve tagged YOU (the bloggers that I’ve tagged are listed at the end), please join in on the fun!

I have Lived on the East and West coasts, but never in between.

Over the years I’ve gravitated towards eating healthier and healthier. No, being vegan isn’t enough. I mean, Oreos are vegan. Well, most of them anyway. So a year or so ago I started carrying a piece of fruit to work to eat with lunch or as one of my snacks. I like lots of different fruit, but for portability, sturdiness and flavor my favorite is an Apple. After a summer of apples being so-so, the new crop of Galas from Pennsylvania are in and they are perfect. Crisp and sweet.

I’m really fond of Underwear with silly characters on them. When I was a kid, I was too old for them when Underoos came out. But my brother had them. The Hulk, Spiderman, and I think there were even Batman ones that had a cape attached to the t-shirt. Or maybe I dreamed the cape part. That would have been really cool though. Right now, all I’ve got are Muppet panties. Oscar the Grouch (for when I’m feeling trashy *duck*), Elmo, and the Cookie Monster. If I ever come across Tarepanda panties in a womanly ass size, I’ll probably let out a squeal that’ll shatter glasses for miles around and then pee myself. I mean, look at it!

I won’t Run unless I’m being chased, and maybe not even then.

Autumn is my favorite season. It’s going to be especially welcome this year. I’m so tired of the heat.

Hmmm…I sure don’t have five people I’d feel comfortable asking to get all memey…so I’ll put it out as an open invitation to anyone reading this (all 3 of you) to keep it going in their blog, or toss the answers up in the comments.

I’ve figured out my super power

You know, I can’t believe it’s taken this long, but I’ve finally figured out what my super power is. Apparently it’s getting impossibly large things home in my car. And not  just this car.

The first instance I remember was back when I was living in San Jose, CA. I had a little ’78 Honda Civic hatchback. You know, those cute little bitty cars. My friend came with me to buy a futon. And frame. And I got them both into this car and home. Oh yeah, my friend was in there too. No, not a twin sized futon, but the typical double size one.

doglooFast forward to today. I was lucky enough to be granted a large Dogloo on Freecycling. I’ve been wanting a doghouse of some sort for the outdoor kitties and this would be perfect. I had no idea how big and unwieldy this thing was going to be. It’s not exactly like the one pictured here, but the size is about right. So how do you get something like that home in a Nissan Sentra?

Well, I had my trusty tie downs. Don’t leave home without them!  But there was nothing to loop them through on this thing. No holes at all. The woman who gave it to me saw me struggling and told me it comes apart. You can snap the bottom off. Ah ha! Once I popped the bottom off, I had holes where the bottom snapped to the top.

The bottom fit in my trunk and I just tied the dome part in by it’s holes. Done! After driving home very slowly, it’s sitting in the backyard now waiting to protect the outdoor kitties from rain and cold. I have some carpet remnents I’ll put in it and I’ll sprinkle them with catnip so the cats will go in there. Yay! I love Freecycling.

Being up early

Aside from avoiding traffic, I had a little treat for being up this early today. A view of the lunar eclipse. Sure I had to look at it through a screen of trees, but I got to see it with no effort at all. Too bad my camera isn’t up to the task of capturing it.

This just made me think of Comet Hale-Bopp. I was living in the lower Haight in San Francisco when Hale-Bopp was visible. I remember for months seeing it chugging along in the night sky as we crossed Duboce Park, dodging dog poop. Anyone else have a Hale-Bopp memory?

Bits & Pieces

  • I came home Tuesday to find girl kitten (Yes, I still have her. Do you want dis kat?) had somehow gotten herself stuck in my tall kitchen garbage can. Who knows how long she was there but she was really happy to get out.
  • Sal “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero just isn’t doing it for me as boy kitty’s name. I knew another name would come to me and it did today. When I pick him up, his limbs all just kind of dangle. This reminds me of Grover for some reason. So, Grover it is.
  • Speaking of Grover, he’s huge! Seriously, check out the size of his feet. This cat is just now 4 months old, and his feet are bigger than his mama’s.
  • Shuffleboard is fun even when you suck at it.
  •  If you’re veg*n and stuck in Sandy Springs, World Peace Cafe will take care of you. Our vegan lunch group hit it last Saturday and everyone enjoyed their food. I had the tofu scramble which was nice. Not too much nutritional yeast and greened up with broccoli florets. Oh, and I’ll say the magic word: dessert. They have vegan dessert.
  • It had better mother fucking snow this winter after the hell we’ve endured this month.
  • Took the peanut butter cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World to a potluck and they went over well. Next time I’ll use half the molasses. It was too strong for my taste with the called for amount.
  • Why is my dog whining?

About to take off

Everything’s packed and I’m about to leave. Of course those fuckers at Hartsfield aren’t decent enough to have free Wi-Fi. Dirty bastards. That’s okay, I have books and a few episodes of South Park and Family Guy to keep me entertained.

I swear one of the hardest parts about packing for a trip is picking the books. I never know what I’m going to be in the mood to read. So I tend to have several books. In this case, I’ve got five. I think I should be covered.

Speaking of books, two different authors have given me a credit in their books. One book contains the ramblings of a right-wing radio talk show host and the other is a vegan cook book…

Happy Monkey Day!

Here’s a December holiday I can get behind…Monkey Day!

japanese monkeys poster

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